Our expertise is at your service, we are here to advise and defend you. Our human-scaled structure brings together complementary technical skills, and offers our clients a single point of contact for all their legal needs.

We are convinced that the quality of our relationship with our clients is a key factor in the success of the engagements entrusted to us.


  • Company law
  • Commercial law
  • Labour law
  • Social security law
  • International business Law
  • Criminal law
  • Criminal company law
  • Civil law
  • Family law

EUREKA AVOCATS is a law firm dealing in commercial law (commercial law, company law, labour law, social security law, literary and artistic rights) and personal law (criminal law, family law and civil law).


Our consultations include corporate formation and restructuring, drafting of general terms and conditions and protection of your intellectual property rights.

We have set up an exclusive program for startups, adapted to the resources of new companies. This offer allows creators to engage EUREKA AVOCATS for all their legal activities (creation of the company, drafting of contracts, protection of intellectual property rights, etc.) for a fixed monthly fee.

We also advise our clients on financial business transfer operations for companies, from negotiation to drafting the deeds of transfer.

If you are developing an international business or are looking for new opportunities (creation of a foreign subsidiary, joint venture, distribution network) you will appreciate our GLOB’AVOCAT offer which uses EUREKA AVOCATS as a single point of contact for the management of all your legal affairs in OHADA countries.

For employers, our Integrated Legal Services (SJI) offer in social law and social security law will free you from certain constraints by the permanent or occasional outsourcing of these issues, according to your needs. Moreover, we can draft employment contracts and internal regulations, for employee representatives, disciplinary law, procedures for terminating employment contracts in cases such as dismissal, breach of contract, transactions, etc.).

In order to minimise social risk, we can carry out a social audit of your company in advance, covering both the employment contracts and the working conditions of your employees (obligation to ensure results, working time, etc.).


Our lawyers can help you with advocacy before the civil courts, (including; the High Court, the Lower Court, Commercial Court, Magistrates Court, Labour Court, Social Security Court, Family Affairs Court, the Children’s Court, the Court of Appeal) as in the criminal courts (Police Court, Correctional Court, Court of Assizes, Court for Children, Judge of Instruction).

If you have been summoned, or your child has been summoned before the police or gendarmerie, before a criminal court, whether as a victim or as the perpetrator of an offence; we are here to defend you.

Should you wish to begin a divorce procedure, or you have difficulties organising your children’s residence, if you are facing creditors or you want to recover sums owed to you, or you have been the victim of an accident; equally, we are here to defend you.

Organized into groups, our lawyers intervene in their fields of expertise in order to effectively protect and defend your interests. For EUREKA AVOCATS, the quality of the relationship between the client and the lawyer is a key factor in your success.

In order to offer a complete service, EUREKA AVOCATS collaborates on complex matters with other legal professionals (tax professionals, notaries, agents and lawyers) and a number of specialists (accountants and auditors) in wealth management.

EUREKA AVOCATS cultivates a spirit of proximity to its clients and partners in order to retain flexibility, availability and creativity. We offer tailor-made legal services according to your real needs.